Business Strengths

Sales & Marketing capabilities as the sole trading company in the Nissan Group

Full lineup of materials for automobiles

Ability to propose and build business models in line with customer needs

Responsiveness in operations based on product information

As the only trading company in the Nissan Motor Group, the Materials Business Division globally handles all of the materials for automobiles.
Utilizing Nissan-related marketing information gathering capabilities, our strengths are proposing materials that meet customer needs and proposing and building business models that meet customer needs, as well as responsiveness in operations based on Nissan Motor plant operations.

Business Scale

No. of Trading Partners: More than Approx. 1,000 companies
Material Handling Volume: Approx. 2.5 million tons
Transaction Volume: Approx.350.0 billion JPY

Growth Strategy

Carbon Neutral-Related Businesses
In order to contribute to reducing CO2 emissions in all value chains (procurement / production / distribution / sales / after-sales / recycling), we promote proposals for low-carbon materials and electricity derived from renewable energy, and promote increases in material recycling.
Expansion of Electrification-Related Business
Based on Nissan Motor's electrification strategy, we propose new materials and business models in the battery and motor fields.
Creating Customer Value by Further Strengthening Existing Functions and Services
We will contribute to the growth of Nissan Group companies and to our growth by further strengthening the functions of the centralized purchasing business for materials and by expanding the types of materials.
Discovering and Proposing New Next-Generation Technologies and New Materials

We propose new materials that respond to needs for CASE*, next-generation batteries and motors, and weight reductions.

  • *

Areas / Products

For Nissan Motor and for the domestic and overseas plants and parts manufacturers of Alliance Group members Mitsubishi Motors and Renault, we contribute to the production and sales activities of the Alliance Group through information management and through the supply and sale of steel/aluminum products raw material/non-ferrous metal products, chemical products, fuel/lubricant products, and raw materials, etc. for the motors and batteries in electric vehicles.

(Steel and Aluminum  products / Chemicals / Nonferrous  metals / Fuels / Lubricants Electricity) Steel and aluminum  products:Automotive steel sheet  and Aluminum sheet,Vehicle bodies,Special steels,Engine / Geqr box Non-Ferrous  metal products:Wires & magnets,Aluminum ingots Precious metals (e.g. platinum, rhodium),Motors Engines / Changers, etc. Mufflers Chemicals and  Energy-related products:Resins Synthetic leather,Battery components Oil / Electricity,Bumpers Seats Batteries

Steel Business

We manage the supply of steel and aluminum plate materials primarily for Nissan Motor's in-house domestic and overseas plants and for related parts manufacturers. Additionally, focusing on material trading, we also support Nissan Motor's centralized purchasing activities with the cooperation of Nissan's departments and customers.
One of our unique capabilities is that we can handle a wide range of activities, from advance development→prototyping→managing the start of mass production→mass production→managing the end of mass production.

Strengths / Features

  • Order management for steel materials
  • Centralized management materials for new vehicle prototypes
  • Proposals for cost reductions
  • Ensuring stable material supplies

Business Scope and Products Handled

Automotive steel plates / special steels / aluminum plates / electromagnetic steel plates, etc.

Raw Materials and Non-Ferrous Metals Businesses

Raw Materials Business
We procure and sell casting materials and raw materials from both Japan and overseas that are necessary to help improve the competitiveness of Nissan Motor and its business partners in the manufacture of cast products. Additionally, from both Japan and overseas we procure materials (copper wire, aluminum alloys, and magnets, etc.) that are used for unit manufacturing of new energy vehicles (NEVs) such as electric vehicles (EVs), hybrid vehicles (HEVs), and, by providing these materials to our customers, we are contributing to the spread of environmentally friendly automobiles.
Non-Ferrous Metals Business
We procure, sell, and supply aluminum bullion (new ingots and recycled ingots) that are used in the manufacture of cast parts for Nissan Motor, Mitsubishi Motors, and parts manufacturers from both Japan and overseas.

Strengths / Features

Casting Raw Materials
  • Providing high-quality and low-priced products and supporting stable supply
  • Ability to propose both domestic and overseas casting raw material products
  • Ability to build supply-related logistics
Auxiliary Materials
  • Ability to propose and supply auxiliary materials used in plants, such as low-cost and high-quality desiccants
  • Proposals for recycling new parts and materials
Non-Ferrous Metals
By procuring aluminum bullion (new ingots and recycled ingots), not just from Japan but from all over the world, and providing them to our customers, we are contributing to the weight reduction and competitiveness of our customers' products.
Additionally, we also centrally manage global supplies of precious metals (PGM, the Platinum Group Metals) such as platinum, palladium, and rhodium that are used in the exhaust gas purification equipment for automobiles produced by the Nissan Group.

Business Scope and Products Handled

Raw Materials
Coke for casting, ferrosilicon, ferromanganese, bentonite, materials for motors (copper wire, aluminum alloy, magnets, etc.)
Non-Ferrous Metals
Aluminum bullion (new ingots and recycled ingots) and precious metals such as platinum, palladium, and rhodium

Chemicals and Energy Businesses

Chemicals Business
We manage the supply of resign materials primarily for Nissan Motor Group parts manufacturers. Additionally, for Nissan Motor, Mitsubishi Motors, and parts manufacturers, both in Japan and overseas, we sell and supply synthetic resins, synthetic leather, new materials made from fabrics, high-performance resins, and materials for the lithium-ion batteries in electric vehicles (EVs).
Fuels Business
We sell fuels and lubricating oils to various Nissan Motor plants, sell marine lubricating oils to Nissan Motor Car Carrier, and sell special fuels for research and development (R&D) not just to Nissan Motor, but also other OEMs.

Strengths / Features

Chemicals Business
  • Order management of resin materials
  • Centralized management of prototype materials for new vehicles
  • Proposals for price-competitive materials
  • Ensuring stable supplies of resin materials
  • Proposals for new materials to meet CASE and weight reduction needs
  • Ability to collect market information and market status related to resins and other materials
  • Contributing to carbon neutrality
Fuels Business
  • Know-how in supplying fuels for filling vehicles
  • Ability to supply from shipping offices nationwide
  • Competitive product prices and distribution costs due to economies of scale
  • BCP対応力
  • Proxy creation of management forms/ledgers (reduction in office hours) / sending invoices/Excel usage details, etc.)

Business Scope and Products Handled

Chemical Products
Materials for synthetic resins, synthetic leathers, fabrics, and lithium-ion batteries
Lubricating oils and fuels for use in factories, marine lubricating oils, refueling cards, and special fuels

After-Sales / Oils & Chemicals

We sell after-sales products for repair and inspection to Nissan dealers all over Japan.

Strengths / Features

  • Ability to propose new products
  • Operational functions for dangerous goods warehouses
  • Small-lot delivery support
  • Label support and regulatory compliance for imported goods and labels for OEM goods

Business Scope and Products Handled

  • Oil products: EO, power steering fluid, break fluid, LLC, CVT, ATF, grease, etc.
  • Chemical products: Thinners, rust preventatives, adhesives, waxes, and cleaning agents, etc.

Environment-Related Business

New Power Business (PPS)
We sell power to each Nissan Motor Group office, to Nissan dealers, and to parts manufacturers.
Recycling Business
We are engaged in the centralized management of iron and aluminum scraps generated by Nissan Motor, Mitsubishi Motors, and affiliated companies, and in the business of recycling automobile bumpers and other resin parts.

Strengths / Features

New Power Business (PPS)
Through our ability to propose service hat meet customer needs, such as reducing electricity costs and reducing CO2 emissions, as well as our price competitiveness that takes advantage of the Nissan Motor Group's economies of scale, we are contributing to reducing the electricity costs and to reducing CO2 emissions of Nissan dealers nationwide.
Recycling Business
By expanding our target areas for recycling from iron scrap to other materials, such as aluminum, we are contributing to efforts to realize carbon neutrality by effectively utilizing limited resources.
Additionally, we are also engaged in the business of recycling resin parts, such as automobile bumpers, and we can also propose supply chain management from material purchasing to product processing to sales.

Business Scope and Products Handled

New Electric Power (PPS) / General Automotive Materials (Steel, Aluminum, Resins, etc.)

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