01 Machinery and Equipment

Nissan Trading deal with a wide range of equipment and facilitities for advanced automotive production. We are not just selling the equipment but providing full solution including transportation, import/export arrangement and full installation to support global expansion of Nissan Group.

02 Development and Prototype

Nissan Trading procures trial parts, prototype parts from more than 100 overseas suppliers used for vehicles under development and supplies them to Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. and Japanese parts manufacturers.
We also provide logistics services from local exports to delivery of prototype vehicles produced at overseas factories to development bases in Japan and overseas, supporting the development and trial production of Nissan Group.

03 Production

Nissan Trading has global network to support our customers throughout the world with our optimized and seamless supply chain for all the automotive needs.

04 Sales and After-Sales Service

Nissan Trading is the official Nissan vehicles supplier to international organizations such as United Nations or diplomatic entities. We also operate marketing and sales for Nissan National Sales Companies (Nissan distributor) in several countries.