In order to support automobile production, it is indispensible to have not just knowledge of international trade and logistics, but also knowledge of automobile production and knowledge of material technologies.
Here, from a variety of perspectives, we introduce the "businesses" of Nissan Trading, the "people" who work there, and the "places" where businesses are born.

Contributing to CO2 Reductions in Society as a Whole Through an Electrical Power Business that Utilizes the Networks Only Available to Trading Companies

Global Material Division
Chemicals and Energy Group Fuel Team
Yuya Nakazato / Kodai Mori / Shunsuke Fukuchi

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Supporting to New Vehicle Project by Building Commercial & Logistics Route Globally

Global Automotive Components Division
Hideaki Ogawa / Shiomi Furukawa

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In Cooperation with Domestic Trading Companies, Delivering Ambulances to Developing Countries for the Transport of COVID-19 Patients

Global Vehicles Division
United Nations Marketing & Sales Group / NSC Team
Tomoko Yoshimura

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Procuring Trial Manufacture Steel Sheets for New Cars from Major Steel Manufacturers Around the World

Global Material Division
Steel Group Steel Sheet Trial Manufacturing Team
Misaki Iwai / Chiho Imai

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